AMEB Music Exams

Practical Examinations

AMEB provides the opportunity for students of all ages to complete practical exams a few times a year.  Depending on your state and location, there may be also be multiple locations you can take your exam at.  In QLD, AMEB offers practical examinations at their Ashgrove studios, as well as Ipswich and other key suburbs.  For further information on locations and closing dates, please consult your AMEB music teacher or download the 2015 AMEB QLD Bulletin here.

From a teacher’s perspective, students will need to have all (or the majority) of their exam preparation completed before an entry is to be placed. It is important for students of all ages that correct administration, planning and support is provided during the exam process.

Advice from Laura Pengelly: Ask your teach to develop a plan for you / your child’s exam preparation.  Follow along with the plan, including key dates to achieve set milestones, e.g. learn all technical work – and encourage your child to complete homework to assist with same. Once the entry is placed, students will likely have a few weeks for finding out their exam date and time.  During this period, I help students to gain further confidence in their playing and music knowledge, so that they can achieve their best results. A lot of preparation goes into each exam from both the teacher and student, and both must be always working in partnership for the best possible outcome.

To register yourself or your child for an AMEB practical exam, visit the AMEB QLD website here.


Online Written Examinations

Students can enroll and complete their written exam online at any time throughout the year.  Unlike the paper-based exams, students are given unlimited practices and 12 months to complete their chosen level. Online exams are a great way to help students attain their grades rapidly, instead of waiting a whole year to complete each paper exam.  Also, most students only need to complete exams up to (and including) a grade 5 or grade 6 AMEB musicianship or music theory.  Studio music teachers often do not spend much time on music theory in the lesson.  If you or your child are a serious music student (or planning to have a career in music), I would recommend allocating time for written music study.  Most students also consider taking individual, partner or group theory lessons.

To enroll yourself or your child for AMEB online exams / online written exams, visit the exam website here.  Need further help?  Contact AMEB QLD on (07) 3634-0933 or contact me through this website for email instructions.


Paper-Based Written Examinations

Written exams in a paper-based format are held once a year in August.  This is the only opportunity for students who prefer to take paper exams and advanced students (students beyond AMEB grade 6 theory of music or musicianship) to sit their exam.

To find out the specific date and time allocated to your child’s / your grade, please consult your AMEB music teacher or download the 2015 AMEB QLD Bulletin here.

To register yourself or your child for an AMEB written exam (paper-based), visit the AMEB QLD website here.

Laura’s Tip:  Are you considering to complete all exams up to your A.Mus.A level or beyond?  Try sitting a paper exam for another level, e.g. grade 6 first.  This experience will be invaluable. It’s important to also test out your music handwriting speed. You can also purchase past exam papers to complete from the AMEB Federal website here.