Brisbane State High School: Application for Music Merit 2017

Apr 01, 16 Brisbane State High School: Application for Music Merit 2017

Parents of talented musicians may consider for their son/daughter to apply from entrance into Brisbane State High School (BSHS) under the Cultural Merit – or Music Merit program.

According to the BSHS website, students applying for entry into Year 7 (2017) need to achieve a minimum practical performance standard of:

  • AMEB Grade 6 for violin.
  • AMEB Grade 5 for flute.
  • AMEB Grade 4 for most other instruments.

*If your son/daughter is applying for Music Merit entry into other year levels, please check with the school for the minimum standard prior to submitting your application.

For further information on Music Merit, key dates and application forms, click here.

Laura’s Top 5 Tips for Music Merit Preparation Success

1. Start your planning and preparation early – know the key deadlines and cost of application, tell your child’s music teacher that you wish your son/daughter to audition for BSHS and apply for Music Merit.

2. Obtain a Individual Music Education Plan – have an experienced professional music teacher or music consultant develop a structured and sequential learning plan for your child.  This document will include key exam and performance goals, as well as other significant milestones that are required to help your child meet and exceed the required performance standard.  Need a plan or further advice?  Contact me via this website.

3. Help your Child Develop a Regular Practice Routine – regular practice means that your child will be spending time on playing their instrument.  This makes it easier for their teacher to help them progress quicker, even if they do not use accelerated teaching methods.

4. Encourage Your Child to Make Time to Study Music Theory – music theory and musicianship are important. Anyone who is a great musician also understands about the language of music. Help your child to allocate extra time to complete theory homework, practice their online exams and to take the time to do this well.  Most students do enjoy music theory, so offer a reward for their good efforts at some extra book work or study outside of school homework.

5. Get Someone To Teach Your Child How to Practice – many students simply play their instrument in-between lessons.  Few seldom repeat the tricky (or technical bars), led alone know how to truly work on these.  Ask your child’s music teacher to teach them exactly how to practice. Good practice strategies are best learned young, or as soon as possible.