Music Lessons

Why Learn with Laura?

An enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, Laura specialises in accelerated learning and innovative teaching instruction.  Her students learn the most efficient and effective ways to practice and study music, ensuring their outstanding results in record time!   Laura incorporates both practical instruction as well as music theory into her lessons. She prepares students to complete relevant AMEB Examinations, or meet key goals- when learning for fun or their own enjoyment.  Every lesson is tailored specifically for each student, catering to their music goals, individual tastes and learning styles.  Laura uses technology and other tools to provide exciting learning experiences. Laura’s students enjoy her innovative teaching methods and fun approach to music education. 


To read more about Laura and her music and education qualifications, visit the About page.


Under Laura’s instruction, students have successfully –

  • Completed Undergraduate University degrees, including Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education.
  • Completed TAFE studies, including Certificate III in Music, Certificate IV in Music, and Diploma of Music.
  • Completed various AMEB Practical and Theory (Musicianship) Examinations to advanced levels, with excellent results.
  • Secured entrance to the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, UQ and other tertiary institutions.
  • Attained music scholarships, awards and bursaries to the secondary school of their choosing.
  • Secured enrollment into Brisbane State High School via the Music Merit process.
  • Gained entry into, and regularly perform in various ensembles of the Young Conservatorium.
  • Performed in music workshops with Australian Composer (and accomplished clarinet player/saxophonist) Mark Walton.



In-person and online music lessons are available to students of all ages and levels for:


Woodwind Instruments

  •  Flute.
  • Oboe.
  • Clarinet.
  • Saxophone.


 Brass Instruments

  • Trumpet.
  • Trombone.
  • Baritone / Euphonium.


Stringed Instruments

  • Guitar / Electric Guitar.
  • Bass Guitar.
  • Violin and other orchestral strings – tuition available on request.


Percussion Instruments

  • Tuned Percussion,e.g. Glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, timpani.
  • Untuned Percussion, e.g. Snare drum, bass drum, cymbal/s.
  • Auxillary Percussion, e.g. Triangle, whistle, castanets.
  • Hand Drumming.
  • Drum Kit.


AMEB Exam Preparation

  • Music Theory, Musicianship and Music Craft.
  • Practical exams – all musical instruments listed above.


Music Theory and Composition

  • General music theory.
  • Composition – all styles and levels.
  • Song writing – all styles, genres and levels.
  • 4 Part Hamonisation.
  • Orchestration.
  • Arranging.


Ear Training & Musicianship

  •  General Ear training.
  • Aural tests / Ear development for AMEB exams or music study.
  • Music transcription.
  • Rhythmic dictation.
  • Melodic dictation.


Course-Specific Tutoring

  • Classroom Music. 
  • Music Extension.
  • TAFE Certificates.
  • University courses, e.g. Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts (majoring in music and other teaching area).


Music Scholarship, Music Merit and Bursary Preparation

  • Practical tuition and audition preparation.
  • Accelerated preparation – short courses.
  • Academic preparation and practice testing.
  • Planning and evaluation.
  • Research and analysis on school instrumental programs and scholarship requirements.


OP Excellence / Tertiary Entrance 

  • Successful completion of  Grade 7 Practical Exam (AMEB) = Rank 86 = OP 9-10 *use to gain entry into non-music courses @ university*
  • Tertiary Entrance Preparation.
  • English language course tutoring, e.g. ESL, IELTS or similar.


Music Education 

  • General knowledge for AMEB examinations.
  • Music history.
  • Music research and referencing.
  • Study skills.
  • Learning strategies.
  • Academic writing, e.g. essay, program notes, performance critique.


Music Career Preparation / Pathways

  • Musician.
  • Composer.
  • Audio / Sound Engineer.
  • Studio Music Teacher.
  • Classroom Music Teacher.
  • Instrumental Music Teacher.