Musical Instrument Mastery: eBook

Mar 08, 15 Musical Instrument Mastery: eBook

Quite often, students are told to “practice”, but the details on how / what / why are often vague.  Musicians need to know and understand their instrument, as well as how to practice in order to become great “problem-solvers”, which brings them closer and closer to being an amazing performer – whether for fun, school, or to complete AMEB Examinations.  Inspired by my teaching and performing experience, I recently commenced work on writing my own eBook to help others achieve further excellence in their music studies.


Musical Instrument Mastery

Musical Instrument Mastery is an academic reference book that will show you how to take your musical performance to the next level.

Learn the most effective accelerated learning and innovative study strategies you need to know to achieve excellence in your practice and performance. This incredible resource will guide you to increase your established talent though further study and development of efficient practice methods and strategies, memory enhancement, brain training, technique development, creating awareness of specific idiosyncrasies of your instrument, and much more!

Estimated completion date: June 2016

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